SPARE was established in May 1995. Since its inception, the company has focused on the development and production of FRP pultruded and moulded products.

Industry standards

SPARE is the industry benchmark for pultruded fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) structural profiles.

Structural optimization

In many applications, fiberglass structural profiles offer significant advantages over steel, wood and concrete.

Pultrusion Power

SPARE has the one of the largest pultrusion capacity and product size capability in the world with more than 50,000 sq. ft. of space to house over 55 pultrusion machines in three facilities in China.

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Process Description

FRP Structural Shapes

The FRP structure is made of pultruded FRP rectangle/square tubes, FRP channels profiles, FRP plates, etc.  SPARE offers FRP profiles to the cooling tower industry for 20+ years without a tower collapse so far.

Process Description


The features of SPARE’s FRP products offer significant benefits in many architectural applications such as bay windows, fencing systems, blinds & brackets, wall connector, etc. 


FRP profiles are widely used in construction, automobile, photovoltaic, electric power, chemical and other industries.

Corrosion resistant

Fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composites offer reliable resistance to a wide range of chemicals and harsh environments.

Flame retardant

Fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composites can reach UL94-V0 level flame retardant by testing through vertical testing method.

Strength - Weight

Fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composites are stronger than steel in the lengthwise direction, but lighter in weight.

Maintenance Fee

Fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composites are durable and resistant to impact/corrosion/rot, eliminating the need for constant maintenance.

Flexible Design

Fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composites are highly designable. Factors such as shape, color, size and functional features can be customized.

Easy and Fast Installation

Fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composites are ideal for projects that have tight timelines. Less specialists and equipment are needed for installation compare to steels.


Our Recent Work

Spare’s range of profiles is extensive, encompassing both standard shapes like Square Tube, Channel, Angle, I-beam, Round Tube, Panel, and Rectangular Tube, as well as larger profiles such as Plank, Blade, and Deck. The company also welcomes special requests and customization to meet unique needs.

Using the pultrusion process to produce cooling tower blades, blades are an important part of the cooling tower fan, the current common fan blades mainly include fan blade seat assembly and fan blade ...
The frame structure of the all-glass cooling tower adopts a uniform mesh column structure type, and all columns, contact diagonal braces and support beams are made of extruded FRP profiles. The suppor...
The rise of photovoltaic power generation has led to the rapid development of peripheral industries, such as fiberglass polyurethane PV module frames. Compared with the traditional aluminum and metal ...
Photovoltaic bracket test instructions 1、Simple diagram of the bracket             2、Simple diagram of panel laying   3、Stand size description aThe length o...
Bridge deck walkway panels made with FRP (glass reinforced plastic) have become an important alternative to traditional wood, steel and aluminum in bridge structures. Compared with traditional materia...
In addition, monolithic FRP bridge is also a new type of bridge structure, which is made of FRP material with excellent corrosion resistance and durability, and can replace traditional concrete bridge...
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About Our Cases

Project Cases

The utilization of pultruded FRP profiles has progressively increased in various areas, including bridge engineering and marine engineering.

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Amazing Experiences

Thanks to their dedication from the building of the factory to today.
Mr. Liu Guoxiang studied in Shanghai East China University of Science and Technology, majoring in polymer materials and composites / FRP, and was assigned to Nanjing Fiberglass Research & Design Institute Co., Ltd after his graduation in 1977. Mr. Liu promoted to Senior Engineer in early 90s for his excellent work and contribution to the for the development of FRP products in China. In 1987, Mr. Liu started his internship Koster Corporation in South Carolina, USA. Mr. Liu founded Xingya FRP Company in 1991 and Nanjing Spare Company in 1995 to date.
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Guoxiang Liu
Jiang Yao graduated from Jilin University of Architecture and is now the legal representative and group vice president of Nanjing Spare Composites Yizheng Co.,Ltd. She worked as the manager of construction industrialization in the northern region at Vanke Group Co.,Ltd. and successfully developed new module business and promoted the realization of smart construction sites. In 2019, she joined Huide Group as the vice president of Shenyang Huisi, which increased the company's turnover five times in just four years.
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Jiang Yao